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Mickey Guyton shares the official video for ‘Woman’

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Mickey Guyton recently shared the release of her song “Woman,” her first new music of 2024. Guyton wrote “Woman” with Victor Franco, Oliver Frid, Kameron Glasper and Tayla Parx, in celebration of International Women’s Day. To stream ‘Woman’, head here.

Guyton said in a statement: “I loved the idea of writing a song that celebrates the power women have. Throughout history and even today, women have taken pain, setbacks, and doubt, and they turn that into inner strength, and they persevere to achieve incredible things.” Guyton also shared the story behind the song: “The idea actually came from Tayla (Parx). At the time there was so much going on online about what defined a woman, and there was so many interpretations and the whole internet was ablaze, and we thought it was so important to release a song called ‘Woman’ on International Women’s Day. It’s funny how we wrote it. Tayla was actually in her Tesla driving from New York to L.A., so we literally wrote this song while she was in, while her Tesla was driving to L.A. and it was just a special moment and the song just felt so powerful. We wrote it about two years ago maybe, and so it’s just so really cool to finally seeing it have a little moment.”

Guyton has now dropped the music video for ‘Woman’, directed by Christen Pinkston and Wesley Stebbins-Perry. The video is said to be ‘inspired by and a tribute to women of all shapes and sizes, occupations, and heritages,’ with Guyton appearing in the video with ‘an array of strong women honoring the power within all.’

Take a look at the video for ‘Woman’ – here.

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