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Jordan Davis shares his latest track ‘Good News Sold’

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Jordan Davis is sharing his latest track, “Good News Sold,” co-written by Jacob Davis, Cole Taylor, and Jordan Rowe. The song is the follow-up to Davis’ current hit “Tucson Too Late”

Davis shares of the new song: “I think at times there is no shortage of very heavy headlines locally and globally, and it’s hard sometimes to not get lost in that and spiral into being overwhelmed by them. But when you go home and hear your kid laugh or see someone go out of their way to help a stranger, these acts aren’t being highlighted in the same way but they very much exist .. This was sort of that reminder to me when I heard it, and I hope will be for other people, of what’s good in the world and that there is good in the world. It’s a reminder that there are good people, acts of kindness, moments of pay it forward, moments of light and joy.

Davis just wrapped his international run of his Damn Good Time arena tour, and will return to the road across the US and Canada for additional tour dates in April.

Take a listen to ‘Good News Sold’ – here.

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