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Take a listen to Miranda Lambert’s new song ‘Wranglers’

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Miranda Lambert has dropped her first music since signing with her new label Republic Records with the new song ‘Wranglers,’ written by Audra Mae (who also sings on the track) Evan McKeever and Ryan Carpenter. Lambert first debuted the song with a live performance at the Stagecoach Festival.

Lambert says of the song: ‘Wranglers’ is a classic tale of a woman taking her power back. I think we can all identify with the character in this song, because we have all had a time in our life where we needed to find our strength, and also get a little revenge on someone who did us wrong or hurt us. This offers such a cool, raging take on how something like this unravels; I think the songwriters nailed it.”  Lambert adds: “I am so proud to sing this song. It feels like it could have been on the same record as ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ in a lot of ways. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is a pretty powerful statement, and the way it’s written, you can tell, we’re not kidding.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘Wranglers’ – here.

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